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façade rénovée

façade rénovée

23 Aug 20

Renovation of the main façade

Works to renovate the façade were done at the start of 2020. From February to July, thanks to a scaffolding, the entirety of the chalk stones were cleaned. Many were replaced by Savonnières' stones which are more resistant. A dormer was repaired and shutters were removed to return to the original style. After six months of work, the result is splendid.
19 Jul 17

Restoration of the dining room painting

After years of damage, this year we were able to restore the dining room painting which is an integral part of the room, giving it all its charm. Our ancestor, Léon Godart, poses after a hunting scene. This magnificent, perfectly restored painting by Gosse from 1863 has regained all its splendor of the past!